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Keep personal information safe and secure with Phone Tech24 IT Services PRIVACY PROTECTION In compliance with all federal and state privacy laws we at Tech24 IT Services make sure we handle all your information responsibly. With our own strict standards we provide you with a 100 % guarantee that we are handling all your personal information with the utmost care.

PERSONAL INFORMATION AND ITS SECURITY We maintain a transparency policy at Tech24 IT Services at all times. Whenever we ask you for your personal details we make sure that we keep it safe and clarify exactly what we intend to do with it and why we need it in the first place.

TRUST BASED RELATIONSHIP EARNING As we strive to build a relationship with you we understand that trust is the foundation of any long lasting relation. With all our services, plans and advice we strive to give you the best so that your trust in us only grows with every interaction. For any queries or concerns we can easily be contacted at anytime.
Details you share Many of our services help you to share information with others. Remind that when you share your words publically, it may be added by search engines, including Tech24 IT Services. Our services offer you with multiple options for removing your contents, sharing and modifications in it. The information will always be shared on by your permission and will be controlled by us on our website.

Accessing and Correcting Your Details Keeping your information properly and up-to-date is very important. Inaccurate or incomplete details could impact our performance to deliver appropriate services to you. Please let us know about any modifications that may be needed to your personal information using the “contact us” option of our website.

Changes in Privacy Policy Our privacy and policy cab be changed or update at any time to allow Tech24 IT Services to use or share your earlier gathered personal details in a materially in a distinct way. We will never minimize your rights under the privacy Policy without your categorical authorization. We will serve you the conspicuous notices (includes, details on particular services, email notifications of privacy policy modifications). We will also preserve our previous versions of the Privacy Policy in a better way for our review.
Contact us For further any queries, any complaint and suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy and other related to our site and services, then please email us on

Tech24 IT Services is a software development company with representative offices in United State Since 2005 it has grown from a small group of passionate engineers and business managers to a full-scale mobile software company specializing in world-class mobile and web development. From day one we stay focused on providing the best solutions to our Client.

  Our Company Mission

Bring new advantages to the Client by developing working software products of high quality.

We are work for our client to improve Your Business Quality, increase your business standard & run your business successfully. Put new Ideas and new technology for our customer satisfaction and high quality work.

  Our Company Goal

Provide flexibility to our customer by providing online website so they can reach to their customer at any time.

By Developing mobile application user can operate their business from any place & any time.

Produce a quality product to our customer.

Long-term and productive collaboration with the Client and each member of the team.

Efficient communication between the Client and the team.

Efficient communication within the team, enabling to exchange experience and knowledge.

Encouraging each team member to reveal his/her talents and potential.

Comfortable and friendly working climate within the team.