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Visual Basic is modern, high-level, multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language for building apps using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Designed to be both easy-to-learn by beginners and powerful for experts Visual Basic uses an English-like syntax which promotes clarity and readability in combination with an extensive set of advanced features and a philosophy that emphasizes flexibility, productivity, and great tooling.

VB.NET runs on top of Microsoft's .NET framework, meaning the language has full access to all of the supporting classes in the framework. It's also possible to run VB.NET programs on top of Mono, the open-source alternative to .NET, not only under Windows, but even Linux or Mac OSX.

  Advantages of VB.Net

1. First of all, VB.NET provides managed code execution that runs under the Common Language Runtime (CLR), resulting in robust, stable and secure applications. All features of the .NET framework are readily available in VB.NET.

2. VB.NET is totally object oriented. This is a major addition that VB6 and other earlier releases didn't have.

3. VB.NET uses XML to transfer data between the various layers in the DNA Architecture i.e. data are passed as simple text strings.

4. The .NET framework comes with ADO.NET, which follows the disconnected paradigm, i.e. once the required records are fetched the connection no longer exists. It also retrieves the records that are expected to be accessed in the immediate future. This enhances Scalability of the application to a great extent.